Monday, July 25, 2011

Our Not-So-Night Wildlife

4 raccoons

How anything is making it out there in this heat is beyond me, 
but sure ‘nuff, it’s that time of the year for baby raccoons.   

The other night, though, there were some hanging out in the trees!   They were out there like that for quite awhile, too! 

3 raccoons

And, lo and behold,
we actually spotted one of our resident owls, Hootie.

a barred owl

We have heard owls for 4 years now, and had never seen one until this night.  The light was quickly disappearing, but I tried to get a photo.  It’s dark, but he’s there.  J
(You may have to click on it and open up the larger image to see him.)

We hear him calling to his mate,
♫ Who Cooks for You?  Who Cooks for You? ♫

I hope they’re all double-tough, ‘cause it was 105 yesterday.  (The car's thermometer read 109!)  In fact, I’d better go make sure the water bowl is full out there.  The raccoons tend to waller in it every night, spilling and splashing until it's almost empty.  They’re funny that way.

Lucky Dog  ♥

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