Thursday, October 14, 2010

Trust Your Heart Series

So I played some more the other day…  (!)

First I hand-printed a little quote, Trust Your Heart, using a Sakura glitter pink pen.  Then I did a border and outlined it with a Tria/Prismacolor gray marker, 30% value.

Next, I thought, what if I did the same thing, but with a festive multi-colored block kind-of-a-frame.  So I did.

Then, what if I did multi-colored lettering, and colored the blocky frame silver and yellow.  Colorful, but not too too.

Then I remembered, I hadn’t even done it in white yet, so I lettered it onto some dark blue paper with my white gel pen.  J

Then after all that was done, I remembered the Bible verse about the heart being deceitful…  Aarrrggghhh!!

I just lettered “trust your heart” because “trust your instincts” didn’t look as nice, and “trust your gut” would be even worse!!  Bummer.

Okay, so, now I will make it right and do the next series saying, “Trust in the Lord”.  ♥  hahaha

Whew!  That was a close one!  J

To following your heart, instincts and your gut….

Lucky Dog  ♥ 


  1. This post makes me smile.

    In a way, a Christian CAN trust that the Lord will correct and remind that heart, teaching and re-teaching us to trust in Christ! John 14:26

  2. Oh Donna,

    You have me laughing on this one. When I saw "Trust Your Heart" I kind of wondered.....but, then, you corrected it with the Word. Very good. lol. Otherwise, I think your little series is adorable. Linda E.

  3. I have had the privilege of seeing some of your work in person and, whether it's an elegant hand, whimsical, or just plain breathtaking, I am always in awe of the gift the Lord has given you...AND the gift you give us by sharing your creative process! ♥