Monday, October 4, 2010

Bee Yourself

This little piece is another in my newest series of handprinted quotes.  They are so much fun -- they’re like eating potato chips: you make one and you just want to make another one!

This piece was done on black charcoal paper with a Uni-ball Signo broad white gel pen and just a touch of yellow glitter on the back of the bee.

This was all done freehand with no rough draft.  I don’t know why I work that way a lot, but I do.  It seems like a little planning and a pencil layout would make my life easier, but there you have it.  J

Its little drawn frame reminds me again of the beauty (and usefulness) of the irregular line.  Oh, and I drew it on last, after finishing the lettering.  The whole piece of paper probably measures a little over 4 inches square.

Today I played and made lots of these, so I’ll be posting more later.

Lucky Dog 


  1. Very cute, Donna. Looking forward to seeing more. Take care. Linda E.

  2. cute!! i can never get gel pens to work without skipping!

  3. Yeah, the Uni-ball Signo white pen skips more than I'd hoped, but the Sakura Gelly Roll pens work really well for me.

    The Sakura's Gelly Roll white is also a finer point than the Uni-ball. It's nice to have both.