Thursday, May 14, 2015

Picot Bind Off

Well, I did decide to go with the Picot Bind Off.

I tried it out on a little swatch and thought it looked nice.  It yields a border that goes well with the visual weight of the shawl and it wasn’t difficult to do at all.

I think it just freaks people out that it takes awhile.  I counted, and you do have to do 10 steps to bind off only 2 stitches.  That’s just gonna take some time, I don’t care who you are!  J

And you’ve already invested all this time (and hopefully some beautiful luxury yarn) into knitting the lace shawl, what’s another day or two?

(The way they talked on Ravelry, I expected it to take me a week!  LOL)

I really wanted to try it out at least once and see for myself, so I did.  It takes a lot of yarn, so I did a bit of calculating and knew I had enough, so, <whew!>

I like what the designer, Bev, said:  “The bind off is worth it, I promise!  My last one was huge, but I broke it down into pattern blocks:  bind off three pattern blocks, then empty the dishwasher, bind off another three, then fill dishwasher again, bind off another three, then clean the bathroom …   I finished it within a day and did so much housework.  Both activities seemed like a treat, as they were a break from the other.”

Now, I’m not as fast as she is, it took me longer than a day -- but I agree with her about alternating activities.  That really helped.  She is one sharp cookie.  And a brilliant designer.  I can’t wait to knit another one of her patterns.  (!)

Now!  Onto blocking!

Lucky Dog

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