Sunday, December 8, 2013

Our Snowy Backyard

Our winter storm arrived with a beautiful dusting of snow.

We all knew it was coming,
so we stocked up at the grocery store, and “hunkered down”
for what they said would be a week of temps below freezing.

Daytime highs of 19 and single digits at night 
aren’t typical for December in Oklahoma.

Thank heavens for electricity and heaters.

And rice sock buddies.

Here's a link to my blog entry on them:
 (How to Make a Rice Sock Buddy) 

I especially love these because they stay so warm,
and you can snuggle up with them
or warm your nose or ears so easily. 

And unlike heating pads,
I don’t have to worry about electromagnetic radiation. 

Mine is worth its weight in gold to me.

I hope you’re staying toasty wherever you are!

Lucky Dog


  1. I love the snow, and these are beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing the idea of the rice sock buddy. I'm gonna give this a try. Linda E.

  2. I have mine wrapped around my neck
    right now! XOXO