Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Zyflamend--My Newest Favorite Product

Do you know about Zyflamend?
It’s for inflammation.

You know *everything* is about inflammation, isn’t it?

Heart disease, high cholesterol, arthritis,
fibromyalgia, even my hypothyroidism…

I forgot that.

So when Mr. Man was needing some more Zyflamend 
(it keeps his elbows from hurting),
I realized that I needed some, too!

Like I’ve always said, I may be slow, but I eventually figure it out.  LOL

Here is a link to their website,
so you can read about all their products:

And here is a link to their main product on Amazon,
so you can read all the reviews:

(And you know how much I love to read Amazon reviews!)

Lucky Dog

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