Thursday, October 17, 2013

John MacArthur + a Quote

So, I’ve been listening to parts of the Strange Fire conference this week.  It’s being held in California, but anyone can listen to it streaming live on the Internet.

In fact, here’s a link, if you are so inclined:  Grace to You  The  conference, though, is over tomorrow (Friday) night.

That link is to Grace to You, the ministry of John MacArthur.  He is a pastor, author and speaker, and is my very most favorite Bible teacher.  He’s written tons and tons of books, a Study Bible and lots of commentaries.  There’s just gobs of teaching there.

In fact, that website has all his sermons available for free.  You can watch and listen to them or even read them -- I think most of them have been transcribed.  Sometimes I read while I listen!

And, of course, sometimes I listen while I knit!  ♥

That’s what I’m doing with this conference.   J It’s been so cool to be able to listen to it live a half a country away.  In fact, they said that more people are listening to the conference via the Internet than are actually attending the conference.  Isn’t technology wonderful?  Well, usually, anyway.  haha

I have especially enjoyed the music, both at the conference and what they play online while they’re at lunch or whatever.  What a treat!  I haven’t heard a pipe organ like that in years!

Okay, so the conference will be over tomorrow, but the website has good stuff on it for probably forever.   J  

Oh, and you can also get John’s free podcasts downloaded to your computer or smart phone.   

I have listened to them for years and years (before there were podcasts!) while I practiced my calligraphy.  

I love a good 2-fer!  ♥ ♥ ♥

Anyway, I bring all this up to share this fabulous quote that they said today:

"It's not that we get more of the Holy Spirit,
it's that He gets more of us."  
-- Steve Lawson

Isn’t that a good one??

Lucky Dog


  1. Great quote. I think John MacArthur is my favorite Bible teacher too. I know about the conference but haven't had the chance to listen. I'm hoping to get either mp3's to download or to buy cd's after it's over. I'm sure it is a great conference. I can't wait to hear it too. Linda E.

    1. That's a good idea, Linda. Oh, and John will be speaking tonight at 7 p.m. PDT. I'm looking forward to that. :)