Monday, September 9, 2013

The Moon and Venus

Mr. Man and I went out last night with the camera and tripod 
to try to capture the really cool alignment of
the moon and Venus.

Did you happen to see it??

The moon was a beautiful crescent all this weekend, 
and last night Venus was tucked in right next to it 
for a really great photo opportunity.  J

We had to drive to a high point in the area 
(we couldn’t see it from our house)
and the dog was happy to jump in the car
with us for a quick outing.

But while we were taking a few snaps,
we heard a really strange sound.

We looked up and saw a creature, 
but neither of us could make it out at first.  

It turned out to be a fox, 
but the noise it made was kinda feline in nature, 
so we were a little concerned that it might be a bobcat.

But it was just a nervous fox, 
pacing at our intrusion into her personal stargazing space. 

But it didn’t yip or bark.  It was an odd sound.
When I came home, I read on the Internet 
that foxes are mysterious that way.  
They can make very unusual calls.

I just love going out with Mr. Man for these celestial events. 
It’s always an adventure!

Lucky Dog

p.s.  It sounds like we were out in the boonies, 
but we were really just in our church parking lot! 


  1. Great picture. Sounds like a wonderful night out. I love star gazing also. Thanks for sharing. Linda E.

  2. What a beautiful photo... and how exciting to happen upon a fox who was also stargazing! ;)

  3. I've never been yelled at by a fox before! LOL
    I guess I should've brought snacks. :)