Saturday, September 28, 2013

5 Months Old

Well, our little kitten is turning into a cat.

“They grow up so fast...” 
<sniff, sniff>

When you adopt a kitten at 12 weeks old (3 months),
you really have less than 2 months to enjoy them as a kitten.
<le sigh>

OTOH, we are also enjoying watching him turn into a cat. 

He used to jump into the refrigerator every time I opened it,
and the pantry, too.  <aarrgghhh>

I nearly decapitated him more than once,
closing the pantry doors without knowing
he was racing at them to get in! 

He also races through the house at breakneck speed
when he's having a kitten fit.

We call him “the white tornado”,
because he’s just a white streak going by!

In fact, Mr. Man told me that when he hears the galloping coming,
he just freezes, so the kitten doesn’t accidentally trip him.

Used to, the dog ran down the house
with the kitten following him.

Now the dog runs down the house
and the kitten passes him!

Kitten fits are crazy and fun, 
but calm and relaxing is nice, too.

Oh, and have I mentioned his fabulous purring?? 

Now, that’s a little slice of heaven right there. 

Lucky Dog


  1. My cat still tears around the house at break neck speeds and he'll be 16 yrs old on Halloween

  2. Oh he's sounds so cute and funny. I'm so glad that you and your husband and enjoying him. I wish I could have one, but my husband is not a cat person....sniffle, sniffle. I do have my dog, though, and he's a real joy. Thanks for sharing your cat and dog adventures. I love reading them.

    1. I wish you could see him in person. When he has a kitten fit, it's like he can't move fast enough!

  3. He is such a beautiful little guy. You're right, they do grow up fast! My cats have their little fits of running about at top speed too. It's funny when they zip through the hall into the den and their little feet are running so fast but they're also sliding on the floor and going nowhere for a second or two! xo

  4. I'd love to see a video of that! XOXO