Thursday, August 29, 2013

Kitten Cuteness

Well, the kitten is just as cute as he can be.

I’ve refrained from posting a flood of photos to the blog,
'cause you know how travel/baby photos can be...

And with the iPhone at my side,
I have been taking lots.  J

(They say that the best camera
is the one you have with you,
and they are so right!

I have gotten many photos
that I would have missed
if I had had to run go get my camera.)

Anyway, he is growing so fast!

He is more A Miniature Cat now,
instead of a kitten.

And his Ragdoll fur has “sprouted”.
He has a ruff now!

Okay, okay.  I could go on all day,
But I’ll quit with only these few.

I wish you could hear him purr….
He has quite the motor!

Lucky Dog


  1. He's adorable and I love the pic of him sitting in the bowl

  2. I wish I could reach in and give him a little pet or two. He's so beautiful!!! xo

  3. Ah, such a beautiful kitty. Don't be afraid to post lots of photos of your kitty. I love seeing them, and I'm sure others do too. So glad you are enjoying him. Linda E.