Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Performance Anxiety

I lettered this little bit yesterday,
using the tiny end of some of my Marvy LePlume II markers. 

(My new neurals!) 
♥  ♥  ♥

I love love love love love the tip of those pens!!!

I wish I could purchase them locally,
so I could collect 5 new colors each month. 

Also, I wish they were lightfast.  <sigh>

I wish a lot of things!  LOL

I guess that’s why I love my Zig markers,
because they are lightfast.

But their pen somehow isn’t quite as delicious
as the LePlume II’s.  To me,  of course.  (!) 

I think the Marvy’s have a smaller barrel
and they fit my hand better.

But, I digress. 
I lettered the first half of this saying and got interrupted. 

Why I decided to try Romans yesterday,
I’ll never know, but suddenly I was on a roll. 

The pen tip wasn’t too juicy,
so adding some more weight,
or just a dot here and there, was very easy to do. 

And if you know anything about Formal Romans,
it’s that you can fiddle with them foreverJ

So later in the afternoon I went back up to the Studio
and thought about how to finish the piecelet,
and that’s when I wondered if I should even try…

I was so afraid that I’d mess it up, that I just left it alone!!!!!

(All those Romans and ALL that work!!)

Does that happen to you???

I guess in this day and age,
everyone does stuff on their computer in PhotoShop,
so it isn’t an issue for them anymore,
but not me. 

I do things the old-fashioned way,
with pen in hand on real paper.  J

So, I don’t know if I’ll ever finish it. 
Perhaps it should just keep telling me to Keep Calm!

I do know that I will keep playing with Romans with these pens. 
Nothing too wet or uncontrollable for all that “tweaking”. 

I think next time I’ll try it on better paper. 
This was just some scrap paper that I had lying around.

Can you imagine what fun this would be
on a highly sized paper??  Yummy! 

Now I know what to do in the Studio today!

Okay!  Keep calm, everybody!  J

Lucky Dog


  1. Lovely letters.
    I don't think most people will admit to keeping on, spoiling their hard work and hiding it in the wastebasket. Or the shredder.
    But don't kid yourself, one can thoroughly screw up a Photoshop project terrifyingly easily. Limited undos, you know.
    -Susan (from Cyberscribes)

    1. No, I don't know! I thought you could do ANY thing on Photoshop! hahaha

      Thanks, Susan! XOXO