Friday, September 21, 2012

Easels, Art Boxes, etc.

I finally bought myself an easel!

It’s so cute and portable.  It’s not clunky at all. 
In fact, it’s very streamlined and elegant that way.

If I have an easel, does that mean that I am a real artist?? 

It’s funny the things that help me feel like an artist. 
You would think “making art”, would have something to do with it,
but somehow it’s just not that simple.

When I was in Jr. High
(way back before middle schools existed),
I thought if I could only have a wooden art box like this,
I would really feel like an artist…

Of course, now that I could buy one for myself,
I don’t know what I’d do with it. 
I’m not toting paint around.

But when I was 14, that would’ve been “it”. 

But my mother sent me off to art classes
with a red plastic tackle box instead.

Red?  Plastic? 
No self-respecting artist would choose that! 
All my friends had the wooden art boxes!

Hello!  Unpainted wood with the brass hardware. 
That’s what real artists had.  Everybody knew that!  J

Hahaha  And now that I could buy one, I don’t.
Go figure.

But I did buy an easel!

Maybe now I can back up and look
 at my pieces from a distance greater than, say, 12 inches! 

I have heard that a good piece will work well
at 20 feet, 6 feet and at 2 feet, or something like that.

It sounds like a job for an easel, to me!  J

How wonderful is that??

Lucky Dog


  1. YOU are really an artist - never doubted it for a minute! But having the "accepted" art-y stuff - well, the more fun toys the better. As for the tackle box - would LOVE to have a bright red one.
    You do wonderful, joyous, beautiful art. Keep it up girlfriend!
    Sue Ann

    1. hahaha And I would've gladly given it away! Thanks, sweetie!! XOXO