Saturday, April 14, 2012


Man, this Friday posting thing
doesn't seem to be working for me!

Maybe I should just post when I feel like it??
How about that???  Good grief.

It reminds me of Craig Ferguson's:
"I can't play by your rules!"

Apparently, I can't play by my own!
Only a few things have been keeping me preoccupied,
the weather being the latest.

We're having a rough day, here in Tornado Alley.

Yesterday was bad, today wasn't so good,
and they say tonight after midnight will be worse.

We'll see...
I may not get much sleep tonight.

The TV stations show live non-stop weather coverage 
during times like these.

And as long as they're on the air,
I find it hard to go to bed.

Oh well.  Welcome to Spring in Tornado Alley!

Lucky Dog

Next Day Update:  The storms formed a line overnight, 
which we learned is safer, and we only had wind and rain.  
Hallelujah!  And today is now sunny and beautiful!  J

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