Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sock Saga

Well, I finished my new sock!  My new real sock!!

(Yes, just the first one.  We’ll see how that second one goes!!)

So this little sock is made out of real sock yarn, not worsted,
so there are lots of little stitches and you use little skinny needles
 that look like that old game, Pick Up Sticks.  J

The beginnings of this sock had been sitting in my closet
for years, waiting for me to re-learn how to knit a sock.  (!)

When I found it, I saw that I had already knitted
the ribbed cuff/leg way back then,
so a lot of the knitting had been done. 

Oddly, I noticed that I used a K3P1 ribbing (??),
and I think I like it!

I haven’t a clue where I heard of using a K3P1 ribbing,
and if you had asked me, I would’ve said I had never heard of it.
But there it was!  J

I ended up combining elements from the original sock
instructions and from my recent sock class.
Like that pretty Eye of Partridge stitch for the heel.  ♥

But on this sock, I found myself so engrossed,
I was bordering on being compulsive!  And I kinda liked that!! 

I even had to force myself to work on it only in the evenings,
just so I could get other stuff done!  LOL

[Passion can be such a blessing!!!]

The yarn I used is highly variegated, and I absolutely loved that!
Not just the look of the colors after it’s knitted up,
but I loved how almost every stitch was a different color. 

Apparently, I need entertaining.
And apparently, it doesn’t take much!  Hahaha

And then I messed up on the decrease rounds.

I forgot to knit a regular knitted round inbetween each.
So I got a lot of UNknitting practice again.  J

The variegated colors came in quite handy
when I was UNknitting, and made it much, much easier
with each stitch being a different color.

Thank heavens for that!

And then, you would think I had learned my lesson
on the gusset decreases, but noooooo…. 

When it came time to do the decreases for the toe,
guess who forgot the regular knitted rounds again??

Yup.  <aarrgghh>

And then, when I went to UNknit….
all of a sudden there were stitches dropping everywhere!
I nearly despaired. 

But I took a deep breath, calmed myself,
got out some stronger glasses (!)
and persevered until I got everyone back on the needles.
(Although some were a little wonky.)

And then I continued to UNknit past the madness.
Ahhhh, then all the stitches were happy again
and I could go to bed.  (!!)

Who knew knitting could be filled with such
crisis and excitement??  Hahaha

And I find it funny (or strange, I’m not sure which)
that I had never dropped a stitch in my knitting
until after I had learned how to fix dropped stitches. 
Odd, but convenient.

Now you non-knitters might be thinking: 
oh, she just didn’t know she was dropping stitches back then. 
But the knitters will agree:  if you drop a stitch, you know it!  J

But I will say this, stitches off the needles are tons easier
to fix with my Rowan Kidsilk Haze than with this sock yarn. 

With this sock yarn, the stitches just close up into a little ball
and it’s difficult to get the crochet hook even in the loop. 

But with the mohair, the loops just stand up there
and wait for you to do something. 
Mighty polite of them, I’d say!

Mohair is also tons better at hiding the cat and dog fur, too.
What a great excuse to stash lots of mohair yarn!

J  Could mohair bedsocks be next???  J

Lucky Dog

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