Thursday, April 26, 2012

Peter Thornton Workshop #2

So, I haven’t written about the Peter Thornton workshop until now.  That’s because it’s taken all week for the dust to settle.   <whew>

The workshop was titled:  Layout & Design for the Terrified. 
It was a logical, intelligent approach to designing calligraphic pieces.

Peter’s a great teacher, and so wonderful to listen to--with that gentle British accent of his.  (He should have a weekly podcast that we could subscribe to, don’t you think?)  J

But there were times when my brain just started freaking out. 
It was like it almost hurt!  

Of course, I’ve already told y’all about how I don’t sleep well the night before a workshop--I get so excited.  (!)  So my brain was absolutely fried before we ever got started.

(Why do I sabotage myself so?)  L  <aarrgghh>

But this was a different kind of brain pain.  It was like everything was upside down and inside out.  And why was everyone was talking backwards??

Maybe it was the lack of sleep.  After all, I am not entirely new to Design and its principles.  I can spout the importance of having a focal point and the beauty of balance, dominance and unity with the best of them.

But apparently, when push came down to actual shove, I guess I’ve been designing things intuitively all these years.  Because once Peter started talking about “thinking” and how to approach things with units, my brain jammed and went on lock down or something.

Think of all the closing doors at the end of the old Get Smart TV series, and you’ll know what I’m talking about.  (!)

My brain was like, “Why are you involving me in all this visual stuff?  Use your eyes and leave me out of this.  I don’t even know why you are talking to me!” 

And would you believe, I have actually always worried that I was a little too left-brained to be a visual artist?  Merciful heavens!  J !

Oh, and then there’s the whole "fibonacci” thing.  I remember learning about the “Rule of Thirds”  when I bought my SLR camera 37 years ago, but I’m thinking that the fibonacci numbers and the golden ratio is like that on steroids.

Fortunately Peter had great handouts and I took my usual copious amount of notes, so I can spend the summer digesting and processing and experimenting.

Oh, who am I kidding??
It’ll take me the rest of my life!  LOL

Oh well, I was gonna be at the drafting table anyway!  J  J

Lucky Dog  ♥

For your enjoyment:

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  1. I would love to see your work from the PT workshop. I missed the last meeting ... I bet some of the people brought theirs. :(