Friday, February 3, 2012

Nebula OP188

Here is a photo of my latest pastel painting!

I was wanting to try out my new handmade pastels
that I got for Xmas,
and just had to paint another nebula.  (!) 

These space paintings are just so much fun. 
I know I’ve painted several of them,
but I always love painting another one.

Which leads me to an observation…

Sometimes when we go to art shows,
all the pieces in an artist’s booth look alike.

This used to bother me. 

It was like, hello, it’s all the same! 
Sometimes, right down to everything being done
 in the very same colors.

At first I thought it was a lack of originality,
but I slowly realized that it was a sign of the artist’s style.

And then one time we were at an art show,
and the opposite happened. 

The booth was full of paintings,
and none of them were even remotely alike. 

12 paintings and they looked like
they came from 12 different people.

My husband and I talked about it later
and we both wondered about the artist: 
so which one of these pieces is “you”??  J

Anyway, these little space paintings are definitely “me”. 

And if they were all together in one art booth,
yeah, they might tend to look alike.
But I hope you enjoy them anyway!  J

I still wish you could see them in person... 
They look so much better in real life.
Oh, well!

TGIF, everybody!!!

Lucky Dog


  1. You did capture with pastels what you intended. You did a good job and am happy to rejoice with you in your accomplishment. There's nothing like new materials to add life to an old passion.

  2. Thanks, Dee! Is there anything more fun than new art supplies?? XOXO