Friday, February 24, 2012

Colonoscopy Prep Tips

Let’s enjoy a pretty photo first…

Ahhhh….  That’s nice.

You see, I had planned an entirely different blog entry for today, but Life Happens, and you just have to go with it.

Because truly, as candid as I am, I never thought I’d blog about something like having a colonoscopy, but there you have it.  We just go wherever we need to, right?  We don’t let that stop us from sharing good stuff, do we??  ♥

(And if this is all just Too.Much.Information, then we’ll just catch you next Friday.  Not a problem at all!)

It’s just that I blogged about one of my favorite products the other week, Balneol, and it failed me this week.  Truly a first.

Because I really still stand behind it under the aforementioned circumstances….  Just not this one.

You see I was doing all my “prep” the day before my colonoscopy, drinking that vile solution that you have to drink.  Oh, and let me tell you, I couldn’t get through that were it not for smelling and even tasting a little sugary pickle juice between sips (anything with a strong taste would do), and then rewarding myself with a piece of hard candy afterwards.  Merciful heavens!

And as if that were not bad enough, and it was, then the “wiping” began.  But I thought, “Oh ho, I have my Balneol.  This won’t be a problem.”  Well, let me tell you, it stung instead of soothed!  My wonderful Balneol failed me!!!

Okay, okay, I thought, at least I know what to do for Plan B:  a warm wet washclothy compress to the rescue.  And that was better, and helped a lot, but still I was in trouble!  I survived, but not without great pain.

And I have to go through this all over again the next morning???  Horrors!

So, off to the Internet I went.  I googled “colonoscopy prep pain” and got the best hit and found exactly what I needed to know.

And it was worded so cute, too:  “ may experience some skin irritation”.  Right.  More like razor blades were slicing me up!  LOL

They recommended 3 things to avoid such “discomfort”:
1.  Before you even drink the prep stuff, coat your business end with Vaseline or Desitin ointment. 
2.  Then use alcohol-free wet wipes instead of toilet paper.
3.  And if you need to, sit in a sitz bath of warm water afterwards for 10-15 minutes, re-applying the vaseline after you dry off.

So!  I tried the vaseline the next morning, and it was like night and day.  Apples and oranges.  A complete 180.  I think it waterproofed the skin, or something.

So why wasn’t this on the sheet from the doctor with all the instructions???  <sigh>

So my dear readers….  I couldn’t let my blog steer you wrong, leaving you to think that Balneol would work for you under these most trying conditions.  Not under these wet conditions, anyway.  For “D”, yes, but not this.

Nope, it was vaseline and wet wipes to the rescue.  And you just feel free to re-apply that vaseline as often as you want.

And….  Thank the good Lord above, after my colonoscopy, I got a good report from the doctor, and don’t have to go back for 10 years!!!!!

Surely by then they will have a better-tasting product to “prep” with.  One can only hope.

And surely, we can move onto to some lighter topics for my blog.  <whew>

In fact, I think I feel a “Knitting Lace 101” entry coming on.  J
Okay, so, TGIF, everybody!!!

Lucky Dog  


  1. Hello Donna, I am so glad that you shared this tip on such a delicate topic. lol. I sure wish I had this information 9 years ago for my colonoscopy, but now I have it for "next year's" experience. Yuk! Thanks again. Linda E.

  2. You are so welcome! I read something online after I wrote that entry, and that was to "try" to improve the flavor of the MoviPrep by adding some Crystal Light. Personally, I would rather use ANYthing than MoviPrep, perhaps Miralax. A pill would be even better. LOL