Friday, January 27, 2012

Favorite Products--Balneol

Balneol -- soothing relief for “down there”.

Today’s favorite product is a bit more,
shall we say, delicate in nature.

And yet, because I want the best for y'all,
we won’t let that stop us from sharing about it, will we?? ♥

I truly think everyone needs to keep this in their medicine cabinet, just in case.

What is it?  It’s a product named Balneol. 
It’s a cream for your bottom. 

No, not for your sweet creamy alabaster skin,
but down there where you wipe. 

See…?  I said this was over in delicate territory!  J

If you’ve ever had too much diarrhea from a virus or food poisoning (or whatever)…  you know how it can really start to hurt down there with all that wiping.

Well, Balneol to the rescue.  It is beyond soothing…!

You take some toilet paper and squeeze some product on and wipe away.  It make take a couple of times to do the trick.
(or to get you clean)

I use fresh TP squares for each wipe. 
(I think this maintains the cleanliness of the product bottle tip)

Now, I don’t put these used TP squares down the toilet, for fear of stopping up the plumbing.  I discreetly wrap it up in some more TP and throw it in the trash.

Ahhh… such relief! 

Especially if you have other downstairs issues. 
Troubles down there can come from all sorts of things,
and not everyone knows about this stuff!

I find it at Walgreen’s in the fiber and Preparation-H-type area.  It’s a little pricey, maybe $13, but sooooo worth it.  ‘Cause who hasn’t had too much “D” on occasion?

So… quietly, but surely, spread the word. 
I’m pretty sure someone you know needs to know about this.

Balneol.  It is truly another good thing.  J

Lucky Dog ♥

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