Friday, January 20, 2012


My name is Lucky Dog
And I love Pinterest.
If you haven’t already gotten hooked,
allow me introduce you to

And you don’t even need to join to enjoy it. 
I haven’t.

I just go to their website,
browse through all the things on their opening page,
and I’m happy for hours.

Well, not really hours, but you get the drift.

There are the most gorgeous photos
of vacation spots, decorating ideas,
fantasy dresses and dream rooms… 

...things that I will enjoy only on Pinterest
 in my lifetime, to be sure!

But there are also great tips,
wonderful quotes, and the best recipes…

I learn something new every time I visit.

If you see something you like,
you can click on it and see who “pinned” it. 
Then if you click the image again, it takes you to its source.
(usually a blog) 

That’s where I get the recipes or instructions for whatever it is.

(I usually open up the photo in a new window,
‘cause I’ve noticed when I click to go back
to the Pinterest page,
it has reloaded and looks completely different.)

You can also “search” on Pinterest. 
For example, I could search on cats or knitting or blue…
 and find a whole ‘nother batch of lovelies to enjoy.

But usually the opening page is enough fun for me.  J

It’s a fabulous place to go
for new, fresh input and gobs of inspiration!


Lucky Dog

All photos were found on Pinterest.


  1. I'm on Pinterest. It's a great place for inspiration and a happy, little time waster, too.

  2. Hi CJ! Isn't it, though?

    I wait until right before I turn off my computer to browse on Pinterest. Kind of like a treat at the end of the day. ♥