Thursday, November 3, 2011

Favorite Product: Wrap Master

Well, I just have to share this absolutely innovative
kitchen product.  (gadget?)

It’s called a Wrap Master,
and basically it’s a plastic wrap dispenser.

The great thing about it is,
the crazy wrap stays flat and behaves!

You pull out the plastic wrap,
and it doesn’t get all stuck to itself or folded back on itself
and become a twisted mess that you have to throw away. 

(Don’t you hate that?  Aarrgghh!!)

It was a set, and I got mine from

I have the set of 2, the other one is for foil,
and I guess it’s handy enough. 

But the one for plastic wrap is worth its weight in gold!

I don’t think QVC sells them anymore,
but you can buy them from

And you don’t have to buy the set. 
You can just buy the one for the plastic wrap.
How perfect is that?  J

It’s so easy to use. 
Here… in lieu of a video, here I am covering a mug.


Place item in front and pull wrap over.

Close lid to cut off plastic.

Done.  With no craziness.

Cool, huh?

It’s another good thing that I wouldn’t want to be without.  J

Lucky Dog


  1. i just love handy gadgets that make life easier!! this looks like fun! have a great weekend! xox