Friday, November 18, 2011

Favorites: Calcium gummies

Today I am sharing with you my newest favorite product
 that I just happened upon at the drugstore: 

it’s my calcium pill. 
Except it’s not a pill, it’s chewable!

And although the bottle says “gummy bites”,
I have found them to be much much better than that. 

My One-A-Day vitamins say they are gummy,
like gummi bears, and they are. 

(Oh, and you have to take two-a-day, not one-a-day. 
Don’t think I didn’t notice that!  Aarrrrgghh!)

But these chew up much more nicely and easily,
and have a really good fruity flavor.


A calcium supplement that I can live with
and that isn’t as big as a horse tablet!! 

‘Cause a girl needs her calcium!  J

Lucky Dog 

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