Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Well, I am still reading the Bible through out loud…
And I am in the book of Judges. 

Or The Book of Vicious Cycles, as I like to call it.  J

The children of Israel are going along, doing their own thing, and completely forgetting God.  Then their enemies take over, everything’s a mess, and they pray to God for help. 

He sends them a deliverer (a judge), but after he dies, guess what?  Yup, they forget God, mess up, pray again….  Like I said, it's a vicious cycle.

Kinda like when I promise myself I won’t ever _______ again.  Hmmmm….

Thank heavens God is faithful to help us every time we ask!!!  

♥ Whew! ♥  J

So today was chapter 13, and I’ve just started reading about Samson.

My Sunday School teacher in college said that Samson was the most famous Judge just like Rudolph was the most famous reindeer.  J

He knew just how to get through to us, didn’t he?? 

But what I didn’t remember was the Angel of the Lord visiting Samson’s mother.  And not just once, but twice!

That sure sticks out, ‘cause I’ve been reading book after book, and I tell you what…  The Angel of the Lord does not make that many appearances.

And what was also wild was, in addition to No Alcohol and No Forbidden Food during Samson’s mother’s pregnancy, she couldn’t even have grapes or raisins!  (much less wine, right?)

That was new to me.  No grapes OR raisins…

I swear, sometimes I think someone’s snuck a new verse in there, because I don’t *ever* remember reading some of these things.

(I guess that’s why I’m re-reading it!)  J

We would be in trouble without raisins!  We eat them every day, I think.  On peanut butter sammichs or with a handful of dry-roasted soybeans. 

Hmmm..  Maybe she could have dried figs, instead.

And WHY am I trying to solve her problem of not being able to eat raisins????  Merciful heavens, it’s hard to turn the brain off some times, isn’t it? 

Like after you watch a TV show, and you’re trying to figure out a better way that the murderer could have gotten away with it!  hahaha

It’s a TV show!  They don’t exist!  It's fiction.

(Mr. Man and I actually have to remind ourselves sometimes!)  J

Oh, and speaking of, Mr. Man’s bloodwork this morning was 98!  Yay!!!  This No Animal Products way of eating is really working!

Okay.  That’s it from here.
Tomorrow’s chapter is Samson’s Riddle.
Ooh, now there’s a slippery slope...


Lucky Dog  ♥

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