Tuesday, August 23, 2011

If I'm Knitting, It Must Be Football Season

That title is a take-off of an old movie title, “If This Is Tuesday, It Must Be Belgium.”

Not that I know anything about that movie.  I just have these things in my head, and sometimes I feel the need to explain.  J

But yes.  Knitting and Football go together in my world.

The minute I heard the TV sounds of the 1st preseason football game the other week, I thought, ooh, where’s my knitting bag?

But now that we have the new chair (!), maybe I will knit all year round.

Yes, Mr. Man and I bought a delicious new leather chair, and we couldn’t be happier. 

The fact that my halogen lamp sits right next to it must surely be a coincidence, so apparently I have to enjoy it as my new reading and knitting nest as well.  LOL

But what to knit??

Heaven knows I have an embarassingly wonderful stash of lovelies to choose from…  And so I chose a metallic chocolate brown faux fur yarn to knit up a sparkly shawl for the holidays. 

Not this year’s holidays, of course.  No, I’m a slow knitter who savors the process.  And that’s the one thing that I would never enjoy rushing:  knitting.  That would be like gulping down my morning vanilla coffee.  That's just not done.

And since I chose a faux fur, that means I can use just the knit stitch.  Simple and easy.  Sweet!

I think it looks like a long stinging caterpillar right now.  J

(Wasn’t the cat cute to pose and curl his toes for the photo??)   

That shawl is a nice balance to my other current knitting project: a lovely lace scarf.

The lace pattern is easy enough.  It’s the standard, Old Shale.  But I would pick an absolutely gorgeous, but difficult, yarn to use.  Yarn is really a misnomer here.  It’s a fuzzy thread!

Good grief, why do I do this to myself?????

Oh, yeah…  I absolutely love that yarn and how it knits up.  ♥

The yarn is called Parisienne by Colinette, and its colorway is Oyster Blush.  It’s so delicate, and the colors are just barely varigated…  And it has the prettiest and softest halo.

Gosh, I love yarn.  Maybe even more than paper, if that’s possible.  J

But.  This yarn was driving me insane the other day.  Seriously.  A simple K2tog was giving me fits, which prompted an internet search for help.

And after surfing the Internet, what I think might help would be pointier needles.  I read several posts about people’s favorite needles for lace, and Knit Picks’ Harmony wooden needles kept popping up.

So I’ve ordered myself a pair and we’ll see if it helps at all.

Ya know… Internet and mail ordering sure keep Anticipation alive in my life.  If it were up to me, I’d want everything Fed Ex Next Day Air!

In the meantime, happy knitting!

Lucky Dog  ♥

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