Monday, May 9, 2011

With Glitter

I have a watercolor book in my art library that has a funny story in it.  And it becomes a recurring theme throughout its pages.

You see, the author had a student who had painted a piece of a pond, I think, and the teacher thought it was nicely finished. 

The student, however, wanted to put a whale in the middle of the pond, and asked her advice.

The teacher seemed truly horrified, searched all her memory banks for how possibly to respond, and finally -- realizing that the artist has to follow their heart/gut/instinct -- said, “Put the whale in, Mary.  Put the whale in.”

It’s a good lesson for those of us who resist our “whales”,
and a good lesson for teachers to give the student permission
to be free.

But what brought this particular story to mind the other day was my overriding compulsion to add glitter to one of my recent pieces.

I know, glitter.
Like I don’t get enough flack about that.  J 

(I truly love glittery touches.  Not the excessive, gloppy use of it, mind you, just a little here and there.)

And I found myself torn and yet thinking, “Put the glitter on, Donna.  Put the glitter on.”

And I did.  And I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I tell you… It really looks so beautiful with that sparkle.  It’s delicate.  It’s subtle.  And it twinkles as you walk past it.

How does it get better than that??  ♥

So, put that one in the “With Glitter” category.  J

Lucky Dog

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