Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tornadoes, Hail, Damaging Winds

Storms rolled through the area tonight, but that’s putting it mildly.

I came down from the studio early this afternoon because I wanted to be “weather-aware” and have the TV on. 

You see, last night the weather guys had mentioned that today’s weather could be really bad.  I believe the phrase they used was, “a major violent tornado outbreak”.   (yikes)

But the storms went north of us, south of us, east and west of us, and we only had one limb come down.  Whew, and thank the good Lord above.

The creek behind us was a-flowin', and after the storms passed, the sun came out again and the squirrels came down for dinner, and all was right with the world again.

But our neighbor’s tree cracked in two, making Mr. Man wonder if we didn’t have a little micro-burst.

Usually, we have storms and don’t have to take any action.  I think in over 10 years, Mr. Man and I have had to go into our storm closet only 2 times. 

But today the weathermen were serious, and told us:  get your storm closet ready, and be ready to run in because these are fast-moving storms, and you won’t have much time, so you’ll have to act quickly… 

So I got ready.  And ya know, it’s funny the things you grab.  Because I want to grab it all.

Oh, I got the cats in the carrier, and the dog’s leash out.  (Actually, the female cat ran under the bed and I couldn’t get her out, but Mr. Man did.  I swear, she’s gonna blow away one of these days!)  I also got out my laptop and Rx pills. 

Had there been a storm aimed right at us for real, I would’ve grabbed a few sentimental objects.  But where do you stop?  It’s hard.  I love all my pretty things, and I want to take them all.  Sigh.

Anyway, I spent the time before the storms watching the weather coverage, waiting for Mr. Man to get home, making glair and doing lots of laundry.  I thought, if the tornado gets us, these clothes will be flying off in the wind, but if it spares us, I’ll at least have gotten the laundry done.  J

And we were spared.  But so many weren’t.  4 are confirmed dead at the time of this writing, and the TV is showing us video of the damage throughout the area.

Surely, one hopes, this is the last of it for this storm season.

Lucky Dog  ♥

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