Thursday, February 17, 2011

Variations on a Theme

Here is another in the series…!  J

I am learning how an artist’s body of work is a record of what he has spent his time doing.  And hopefully, it is spent doing what he loves.  So it follows that it should be a visual record of what he loves…

I am hoping to spend my time on the things that appeal to me *and* that I enjoy doing.  There are tons of things that I just love, but I don’t enjoy the actual process of making them, and therefore they don’t get done.  (handmade paper, knitted lace…)

But I am really enjoying making these.  And at this point in my art life, I know to ride the wave.  J  And what’s not to enjoy?  Ribbons, papers, threads, beads…

Lucky Dog 

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  1. I just KNEW I'd find something new and cute on your blog! You go, Girl . . . keep it up! Mah-velous, just mah-velous! So YOU!