Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ready for Hanging!

Here’s my latest little baby…  I mean, creation.  Piece.  J

You know, becoming yourself and making your own art is, of course, a Journey.  And it’s a journey of Discovery.

And while I’ve been using ribbons in my work for years, I have just now realized that I am truly a Ribbon Girl.  (!)  Isn’t it funny how that hadn’t really “clicked” until now?

So, of course that meant more ribbons from Hobby-Lobby!!!   Yay!!  And I got some beautiful combinations.  Yummy!!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch (studio), I had a couple of “problems” to solve.  One was, my odd desire not to mat these babies, but to instead mount them on mat board.

Why did I want to do that??  I think part of it is being able to see and touch all the goodies that I glue on.  ♥  It's more intimate.

So, I had to solve a few technical considerations, and ended up using ATG tape without the gun to tape these babies together.

I just got this tape and am in LOVE with it!!  It’s very very strong and it works great!   Framers use it, but I needed it specifically to stick the two mat boards together.

But I found that I could use it for much, much more!  For example, I can cut off just ¼” and glue a little tiny thing down, too.  I doubt I could do that with the gun.

And then… I also had to solve how to hang these pieces, if they weren’t going to be matted and framed.

And somehow the idea fell into my head:  ribbon!  Sure enough, pretty coordinating ribbon would work great, and could be sandwiched between the two pieces of mat board.

I guess if I did a piece for a man, I could use barbed wire for a hanger instead.  Hahaha

Lucky Dog  J

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  1. Hi Donna,

    Love both pieces and love your idea of using ribbon. I think I'll give it a try too. Linda