Monday, November 8, 2010

Meet the Artist: Tiffany Duffy

“Sleepover”, by Tiffany Duffy, printed on a 3-ring binder.

Today I would love to share with you a really good internet find.  J  Her name is Tiffany Duffy, and she sells her artwork on

I fell in love with her pieces immediately.  She has so many darling illustrations and watercolors of happy fun times…
I love so many of them!!

And on her blog,, she mentioned that Zazzle was having free shipping right then, so I knew it was time to order.  In fact, I think they're having free shipping on orders over $50 for the rest of the year!

(From her blog, you can find links to her Zazzle store and website.)

 "Sleepover", by Tiffany Duffy, print.

The cool thing about Zazzle is the variety of products they offer.  I especially loved Tiffany’s piece, Sleepover.  The hard part was deciding if I wanted a print, a mouse pad, cards, a notebook binder or a coffee mug!  And there were soooo many more options!

“Night Lights” by Tiffany Duffy.

I finally chose both a print and a notebook of "Sleepover", and then got cards of some of her other artwork to round out my order.

"Cupcake Tree", by Tiffany Duffy.

I’m very pleased with the quality of Zazzle’s merchandise, their shipping, and I couldn’t love Tiffany’s artwork more.
(They shipped the print flat--yay!)

"Big Fun on the Bayou", by Tiffany Duffy.

Check it out, because Christmas is coming, and this makes for some VERY easy shopping.  Click, click, and it comes to your front door.  Ya gotta love that!  J

Lucky Dog  ♥


  1. tiffany's work is super cute.....i'm glad you treated yourself and bought some!!! :))

  2. Thanks a million! So nice to see the final products and hear they turned out well! :) You made my day!!