Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Cyber Monday!

Well, everything’s been so CrAzY around here what with the holiday weekend and all -- I’m sorely behind on my blog entries!!  Please tell me that the whole month of December won’t be like this.  LOL

So, I hope you had as wonderful a Thanksgiving holiday as we did.  Oh my, what good eats there were to be had!  And while my Pecan Pie was a little on the liquid-y side (who knows why--it never has been before), it was most delicious, as was everything else.  ♥

And while the Dallas Cowboys didn’t win their football game that day, they fought hard, and I was so proud of them.  And I remain absolutely thrilled with Jason Garrett being their interim head coach.  You non-Cowboy fans probably wouldn’t know, but back in the day, he was their 3rd string quarterback under Troy Aikman, and is famous for a certain Thanksgiving Day victory of his own.  He’s a cutie-pie redhead with a great smile, and a Princeton graduate to boot.  And I hope Jerry Jones is smart enough to keep him.  (!!)

Okay, sorry I digressed there for a minute.  For us Dallas Cowboy fans, Thanksgiving equals football and food, and I have been married long enough to Mr. Man to know that!  Haha

So I still need to write a blog entry on the Peter Thornton workshop with some VISUALS…!  Goodness, where do the hours go?  I need another hour or two in the day, just for writing blog entries and processing photos (moving them from the camera to the computer and re-sizing them).  Oy.

In the meantime, I posted a little snippet, to hopefully tide you over:  a photo of yesterday’s Scripture verse that I wrote out in the Casual Caps that we learned last weekend.  But.  I used a gel pen instead of a pencil.  (!)  I know, I know, Peter would spin in his grave, were he dead, but I just had to try it out, what with all my gel pen craze lately.  And you know what?  I like the look.  I was afraid it would be too thick and clunky, done with a monoline gel pen, but I think it works!  What do you think??

Okay…  I need to go do some regular stuff, like get dinner going, duh.  I’m thrilled with the day’s productivity, though.  I finally (and that really should be underscored, italicized and bolded) cleaned and polished my hardwood kitchen floor.  I’d been agonizing about that crazy floor for a long time, wondering what to use, and I finally got some Bona products at Lowe’s yesterday.  And the floor is drying as we speak!  (type?)  J

I’ll try to post more this week, 'cause I also have a new piece of artwork to share with you soon:  my experiment with art journalling techniques.  I can’t wait to for you to see my newest little creation.  ♥  Okay, soon, very soon.  After I post some samples of what we did at the workshop.

In the meantime, Happy Cyber Monday!
I’ve already done my online shopping, have you?


Lucky Dog  J

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  1. I'm a Dallas Cowboys fan too. I was disappointed with the outcome of Thursday's game, but I think Garrett has them headed in the right direction. (The 1994 Thanksgiving Day game is one if my all time favorites.)

    I really like your Casual Caps - and what a great scripture verse to remember!