Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's a Colorful Life

My name is Lucky Dog, and I love nail polish. I am a lover and a collector. To me, they are the ultimate Paint, mixed to such sophisticated and delicious colors that I cannot generally resist. And the cRaZieR, the better.

Sometimes they find their way into my art studio and onto my pieces. Sometimes they wind up on my toenails. And sometimes they just sit out on my vanity looking gorgeous.

But for my fingernails, I usually wear a mauve-y cream nail polish, and only very occasionally paint just a pinkie nail something glittery.

After all, “Excess in Moderation”, right? J

But my most recent acquisition tempted me to do the unusual: holographic purple nail polish on all 10 fingernails! I know, I know, I’m not a teenager anymore…

But I just had to. Really. Just this once. Really.

Or maybe not...! J

Lucky Dog


  1. Wow! What gorgeous hands and nails! I'd be ashamed to show you mine right now--I just clipped them as short as they could go.

  2. Thanks, Kim! I just lucked out and got my grandmother's hands.

    I've had to cut my nails, too, for easier typing.
    (I'm still amazed I have to cut my nails...)

  3. And, oh, what those beautiful hands can create!

  4. Beautiful hands, beautiful nails so why not?!!

  5. I may have to go back for more colors!