Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mindy’s Fiancé

Mr. Man and I were at the local coffeehouse the other day, getting more beans of our favorite flavor, Snickerdelicious. (yummy)

When we left, there was a young man out on the patio, talking on his cell phone, of course. (Isn’t the whole world talking on their cell phones at all times?? Oy.)

What was so precious, though, was what we overheard as we walked to our car.

He was telling a friend of his, “You know how you asked me how I knew I should marry Mindy? Dude, you just know.”

The connection must’ve hiccupped, because he repeated it.

“Dude, you just know.”

Isn’t that too sweet?? And so true.

Lucky Dog


  1. Yes! Very sweet.

    Years ago we took our little ones to the Toledo Zoo right before Christmas to see the Christmas lights. We turned a corner and happened upon a young man down on one knee extending a ring box to a very surprised and very beautiful young lady.

    I've never forgotten that moment--it really was so sweet.

  2. What a special moment to witness! I hope she said yes! :)