Monday, October 6, 2014

Tub or Shower??

It had to be done.  It was time. 
The bathtub needed to be cleaned.  

Not that we use it.  

As in ever.   <aarrgghh!!>

And I don’t really mind cleaning it so much, it’s just that it’s so crummy to have to clean something that we don’t even use.  If I’m gonna get down on my hands and knees to clean the CrAzY thing, it should be something that we have at least enjoyed using. 

"That’s alls I’m saying is all."   J

And I’m afraid that back when we lived in San Antonio for so long, with its daily aquifer level reports, that I got positively nutty about wasting water while we lived there. 

So you can imagine how much it practically hurts me to fill that bathtub up twice, and run the whirlpool jets, just to clean out all the gunk.  Especially when we haven’t even used it!!

It’s those crazy jets, I tell you.  If I could, I would “blink” this into a regular soaking tub.  Those jets are trouble!

It’s almost enough to make me switch from showers to baths, just so I can get something out of the whole process. 

And they think I should do this twice a month!  
<aaarrrggghhh!!>   Such a waste.

But very nice results...!   J

Lucky Dog  ♥


  1. I, too, have a jetted tub. Have I EVER used it? Nope. But a soaking tub? Well, in my next home, I just might consider that! As always, Lucky Dog, love the way you think!

    1. Right! A porcelain over cast iron tub, so it really retains the heat. Oh well, a girl can dream, anyway! XOXO