Tuesday, October 14, 2014

2014 RV Show and Bargain Expo!

Mr. Man and I went to the big RV show
out at the State Fairgrounds this past weekend!!

Oh my goodness, some of them are so fancy and decked out!  And most of them are absolutely so huge, I can’t imagine how people drive them!

They had all kinds, of course.  We saw the very basic Sportsman Classic, that Uncle Si won on the donut eating contest episode of Duck Dynasty.  It wasn’t fancy, but for a weekend of stargazing in dark sky territory, it would work quite well for Mr. Man.

(That’s the dream, of course.)

And then we saw one that was a bit bigger and nicer than that, at twice the cost.  And it was really roomy feeling.

We never saw any cute pop-ups, but we sure saw some huge RV’s!  Oh my soul.  Slide-outs, and drop-down decks.  Outdoor grills with outdoor TVs and outdoor sinks right next to them!  And virtually all of them had built-in awnings, some with nice rope lights along the top.

Ironically, our favorite was not one that you drove, but one that you towed behind your big truck.  (We don’t have a truck.)

It was pricey, but not compared to a huge Winnebago, which is easily 6 figures plus.  But it was decked out like one of the new, fancy homes that we saw at the Parade of Homes this year!

Can you believe it??

Yeah, I told Mr. Man, that this would do quite nicely indeed.  I would be very happy, parked in the leather easy chair, sitting in front of the faux fireplace watching TV and knitting.

Come and get me when you’re finished.  The little dog and I will be right here.

(So much for being out in nature, or whatever people go RV’ing for!  LOL)

Oh, well.  A girl can dream, can’t she??

Lucky Dog

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