Friday, July 18, 2014

For the Birds

Here are some wildlife photos for you!

Today I'll just post some bird pictures.

I have so many raccoon photos,
they'll have to have their own entry.  (Or two!)

This is a pretty rare sight for us.
Not just a barred owl out where we can see him,
 but two.

And on the same branch, even!
And not at night, but in the daylight.

In addition to this being raccoon baby season,
it's adolescent cardinal season.

And boy, they are gawky and ugly
when they are teenagers!  LOL

I just thought this was a nice action shot.

And here's a bluejay that actually sat still
enough for me to get a photo.

(No one stays still for me and poses!!!)

When the bluejays are squawking a lot,
we usually get rain in the next day or two.

Another rare owl sighting.

I know, I know,
how can it be that rare if I have two?
But it is.

You'll see this photo again, later,
in a different context.

(Cue the foreshadowing music here...!)

We love having so much fun wildlife around.

Next up will be photos of the furry kind.

Lucky Dog


  1. I'm enjoying your animal photos. Thanks for showing them. Linda E.

    1. Thanks, Linda! And there's more to come. :)