Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Snow Pix Plus

We’ve had quite the snowy cold snap here in Oklahoma lately.
Oh, not like the North, of course, but it’s been a lot for us.

Lows of 11° were looking kinda common there for awhile.
And the wind chills were definitely below zero.

The wildlife outside is feeling it.

I may have seen a little coyote on the deck tonight.
I think it was too tall for a fox. 

I only saw him for maybe 3 seconds,
but we did look at each other eye-to-eye.

(The raccoons and skunks and possums had already eaten
their nightly portion of kibble.)

And today was the first day (after a long and gloomy stretch)
that we finally got to see some sunshine and blue skies. 

What a blessing that was!!

I even pulled out my bread starter 
and revived it for some bread and rolls the other day.  

(I need to do that much more often!)

And some of us enjoyed a few evenings 
crashed in front of the TV, 
watching Sherlock, Season 3!

Lucky Dog


  1. Your bread rolls look delicious. Thanks for sharing your recipe. First attempt not bad according to the family. I'll have to give the recipe another go. Maybe this weekend. Will give me something to do in between bouts of shoveling the next storm.

    1. I need to give it another go, myself! This time maybe I'll remember to use my digital thermometer.