Monday, February 3, 2014

Restoring Balance

James 4 verse 8

Draw near to God
and He will draw near to you.

I feel like I need to balance yesterday’s quote
with today’s Bible verse.  Both are true.

You know, a lot of things in the Bible seem contradictory
but both are true.

I have always thought that’s how we are reminded
that we are but frail humans. 

Do you remember “givens” in doing math proofs? 
The given states what you already know to be true,
and then you deduce from that. 

I don’t think most of us have
a big enough “given” to start out with.

Of course, our brains surely could not contain
the entire “given” that is the whole revelation of truth. 
They would explode, for sure! 

Or at least mine would!  LOL

Lucky Dog

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