Friday, January 17, 2014


I’ve been telling all my friends IRL about my newest thing,
and just have to share it with y’all:  the class I’m taking on Craftsy.

Do you know about all the online classes that they offer at ??

Check it out.  Knitting, cooking, photography, quilting…. 
Lots of different kinds.

And the big draw for me, of course, were their knitting classes on lace.

It’s just so cool.  You watch a video at your own convenience, as many times as you want.  Your access is supposedly for forever.  You can rewind it and watch that new stitch again and again, if you need to.

And it’s even interactive.  You can ask the teacher questions, post photos… It’s the classroom of the future already here.

All in the comfort of your favorite jammies!!  J

The class I’m taking is called Lace Knitting, Basics and Beyond.  It’s been great fun.  There are just some things that are better learned from a person showing you how -- not from reading about it in a book.  (Lots of things in knitting are like that, I’ve noticed.)

Knitting on an edging (or border) was one of those things for me, and I’m in the middle of knitting up my practice swatch.  It’s wild.  You’re knitting something on that will end up being perpendicular to the piece, but it’s knitted on in a straight row.  Yikes.  No wonder I couldn’t figure that out.  I’m doing it, and it still hurts my brain!  hahaha

Anyway!  It’s such a great way for so many people to learn about their favorite subject.  For me, there’s no one local teaching a class like this, but with Craftsy, I can still take it.  No traveling involved.  And what about people who can’t drive, have health issues or stuff like that?  It’s just perfect for so many of us.

I just wish the calligraphic community would get involved.  Can you imagine that?  Taking a class from Sheila Waters or Marsha Brady and no one has to travel.  Did you miss what she said about ruling lines?  No problem.  Hit the 30 second repeat button. 

Did you forget something a month or a year later?  No problem.  Watch it again.  I would love to be able to go back and re-take all of my calligraphy workshops again.

I tell ya, it’s just too much fun.  And it’s perfect for a frigid winter’s evening.  You don’t even have to put your coat on.  Just make a cup of hot cocoa and settle in.  ♥

Lucky Dog


  1. I'm looking forward to having some time to look at the knitting, photography and probably lots of other videos. Thanks for sharing this in fo...and lets work on some calligraphers to put videos there too!

  2. You're welcome! I think you'll enjoy it. XOXO