Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Barred Owl

After a week of sub-freezing temperatures and ice,
this barred owl came out for a long sunbath the other day.

Maybe it was also a hunt.

It sat on the same branch for hour after hour,
so all of our photos looked pretty much the same!

He seemed to have great patience,
just sitting there for so long.  

He even stayed there for awhile after the sun went down. 
And then he was gone.

We have lived here for several years,
but this is only the second time we’ve had a good owl photo op. 

We hear them fairly often,
but we very, very rarely see them. 

The first time was after a long drought,
so I imagine the lack of food made him
desperate to be out in the open.

This time, with all the snow and ice,
maybe it was the same thing.

We love hearing the owls. 
Especially when they call back and forth to each other.

Lucky Dog

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