Monday, February 18, 2013


I guess it’s kinda crazy that I have a blog called “Lucky Dog” when I am a Bible-believing Christian and a life-long cat person!!!    J  J  J

(A cat person who owns the world’s sweetest dog!)

Anyway, I figured it was high time that I address this curiosity. 

Besides, in every group (especially one full of Christians) there’s always someone who actually pounces when one uses certain words like “lucky” or “fortunate”, when we believe in neither luck nor fortune.

So why haven’t I used the obvious word, “blessed”??

I guess I have issues with that word.  I don’t mean to. 
My late sister kinda ruined the word for me, the way she would say it so oddly.  My problem, not yours. 

(I told you I had issues!  LOL)

And besides, sometimes it feels like it can sound like I’m saying “aren’t I special?”, instead of its real definition of truly
being given favor by God.  ♥!

So, connotations and denotations aside… 
I’ll let you in on the back story:

I’m just quoting my dear Southern grandmother
(who I miss with all my heart), who would look over at me and say,
“Aren’t we just a couple of lucky dogs?”

And I always felt so, too.

Lucky Dog  ♥
AKA Blessed by God  ♥♥♥

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