Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Funny Story

Here is a funny story from my kidney cat support group!


We can all use a little humor, however we come by it. 

I am in week #2 of that nasty flu-thing that's going around:
all-over body aches, sorest of throats, mouth hurts, worst headache, killer sinuses, 100 degree fever (*4* days of that!!!), and coughing up stuff all colors of the rainbow, but most of which had the color, size, & texture of LeSueur peas (which, rest assured, I will never eat again).  No, my being sick's not funny; it's the background.  And *yes,* I am on LOTS of meds, some of which are even helping.

Anyhow... through all this, I've been ferreting around in my bedside table for my digital thermometer, & was happy to have found it (though not at all happy at what it read, though not surprised, given how utterly miserable I had been feeling).

It was only yesterday, however, that I looked more closely at the thermometer *case,* where I saw, in big black magic marker letters:  "CAT."

Well... we know where *that's* been, don't we??

On my way to CVS, right now!


Name withheld to protect her identity!  LOL

[For you non-cat people, you take a cat's temperature under their tail.  Yes, with a *rectal* thermometer!]

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