Thursday, September 1, 2011


This past weekend I realized something.

All of my hobbies involve skills. 

Skills to improve on and practice and improve on
and, well, practice.  You get the idea.

Oh, I love calligraphy and knitting and painting,
don’t get me wrong.

But when Mr. Man went out Friday night
to do a little stargazing with friends...

I realized that, pretty much,
he just gets to lie back and enjoy it.

He had no concerns about getting better at anything,
no needing to be productive,
no particular problems to be solved.

Just enjoying the evening.

I think I’m a little jealous.

Can one “pick” a hobby??
‘Cause I think it kinda picks you…

But if I could, I think my next hobby
would involve more relaxing
and more vanilla coffee.

Lucky Dog


  1. Here is my thought on this subject. You would eventually be bored out of your mind to not be improving yourself with a hobby that also requires a skill. The secret is to enjoy the practicing of the skill. Don't you think? (love these thought provoking entries!)

  2. haha Dee, you are probably right! :)
    We are creative and need to *create*!