Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy Autumn!

I’m a little late with my autumnal greeting, but I hope that this finds you enjoying wonderful fall weather like we are.

Gosh, isn’t crisp fall air such a delight??  What a fabulous reward after enduring the triple-digit, record-breaking heat of this past summer.

We’ve already seen people decorating their homes with pumpkins and mums...  which reminds me, I need to buy a couple of flats of pansies.  Good grief, I’m just sitting here and I’m woefully behind!  LOL

This past weekend was the National Alpaca Farm Days event, and we got to visit our favorite alpaca farm nearby and buy some more warm socks.

I splurged and bought some beautiful fingerless gloves, made from alpaca yarn, too.

And speaking of yarn, I unraveled my lace scarf (no easy feat with mohair!) and started completely over.  

It turns out that my K2tog was difficult because my pattern was wrong.  The row before my pattern row should’ve been a purl row, not a knit row.  Who knew?  

And that little change opens things up enough to make the K2Tog easier.  Whew!  J

And I got my Harmony Wood knitting needles, and they’re nice.  I’m not sure they’re any sharper or work better for lace than my Bryspun, but they’re wood, and I could get the sandpaper to them if I need ‘em any sharper.  

You can’t do that with acrylic or metal, so now I have that as an option.  And it’s always nice to have options!  J

From left to right:  Bryspun, KnitPicks Harmony Woods,
Signature Needle Arts with a stiletto point.  

I like the stiletto point, but the giant metal teardrop on the end of the needle makes the whole needle so heavy!  And the first time I tried to use them, the needle fell right out of my knitting, it was so heavy!  Can you say live stitches?  Aarrgghhh! 

Maybe I would love the circulars, but I can't recommend the straights.  The point is good and pointy, though.

I have also unraveled my faux fur project and switched to making a scarf, rather than a shawl.  I don’t think I have enough yarn for a shawl after all.  So I started completely over on it, too

This time I cast on 27 stitches and hopefully that will do.  It’s nice, mindless knitting.  I have to count and be very careful with the lace, so it’s nice to have an easier project to switch to.

I just love Fall and knitting in my new chair with the door open and the birds chirping.  Although today the crows were squawking up a storm.

Here's the view from the chair:

Happy Fall!

Lucky Dog ♥

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