Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Antihistamines, Anyone?

This is a photo of our driveway this spring.
Notice the streaks of yellow?

(Oh, phooey, all those shadows are messing up the photo.  L  Ya know, I didn’t even notice them when I took the picture.  Isn’t it amazing how the human eye overlooks some things that are glaringly blatant in a photograph??)

Here, let’s look at a detail:

That’s pollen, my friend!  And the pollen has been windswept into little corridors, collecting on our driveway.  We’ve already hosed off the deck furniture twice because it had a lovely chartreuse dusting all over it.

Good grief, no wonder I take pills every night for my allergies!  J

Of course, the leafed-out trees are simply gorgeous.  We’ve gone from daffodils and tulips and phlox blooming, to the Bradford Pear trees blooming and leafing out, to the Redbuds blooming and leafing out…  And now, it seems everything is leafing out. Everything is so luscious and green.   I love it!

I also love my Xyzal Rx.  J

Happy spring, everybody!

Lucky Dog 


  1. I am so jealous! I'll take the pollen if it'll get me some luscious green. Just get me outta this snow!

  2. ahhh, yes.....the often overlooked hazards of spring!! we've had our share of chartreuse here in our neck of the woods, too.....ick! thank goodness for antihistamines!! happy weekend, sweetie pie! xo