Thursday, January 13, 2011

ANOTHER Quote o' the Day!

So I was lamenting to Mr. Man about how I am still in Deuteronomy, in my Read-the-Bible-Outloud goal…

And he said, “So what?”

And I said, “Good grief, I probably started it in August! 
I should be further along than this.  I’m so slow!”

And he said, “No, it’s like John MacArthur says: 

It’s not the Perfection of your life,
but the Direction of your life that matters.

And then I said, “Ooh… that’s good! 
I need to share that quote on my blog!”

So, there ya go!  J

Lucky Dog  ♥


  1. Great quote, and I just love John MacArthur. Keep on going with that Bible reading. God's Word doesn't go out void no matter how slow we may be in reading it. Linda E.

  2. Thanks, Linda! Isn't JMA the best? :)