Friday, December 16, 2016

Favorite Product -- Ultra Repair Cream

Yes, this is my newest find!

This is really yummy cream, not only for your face and neck, but for your whole body. 

It is called Ultra Repair Cream, and it's made by First Aid Beauty.  It is a serious cream for eczema and the like, with no parabens, chemicals, perfumes, or harsh ingredients.

I have found it to be a really hydrating cream that I think is better than creams 10X the price!  It definitely works better on my neck than some fancy creams that I've tried in the past.

I bought mine on QVC, but it's on Amazon, too.  You would have to check and see, but the last time I looked, the 14 oz. size was the best value.

(Do you know how huge of a jar that is??  It's the SUPER size!)

Here's a link to it on Amazon:  Ultra Repair Cream.

But don't rule out QVC.  They have some exclusive scents, and I especially love the pink grapefruit one.  It's very light and sweet to me.  And the best part is, they use essential oils, not chemical perfumes.

As of this writing, QVC has a set of 4 (3 flavors plus unscented) for a very good price.  Here's a link to that:  QVC set of 4   And sometimes they will have a special deal going, so keep an eye out for that.

First Aid Beauty makes several different creams, but frankly, this one does it all for me.  Your mileage may vary.  :)

Anyway, I just love it and if you were here, I'd be grabbing my jars and letting you slather some on.  It's so good that you might want to share it with others.

'Tis the season!

Lucky Dog

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