Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Freshly Grated Cheese

Yes, I admit it.
I had been buying pre-shredded cheese.

It was just so convenient!

Then I heard Pioneer Woman tell us to buy brick cheese
and grate it ourselves.

But did I listen?
Well, it took ahold, at least,

because I bought a brick of mozzarella the other day
just to try it out and see.

(I have since heard that the pre-shredded cheese
is coated with potato starch or some such.)


The difference between the two products
is night and day.  

Apples and oranges.

The cheese that you grate yourself
is like 1000% creamier.

Creamier, I tell you!
I had no idea.

I may be the last to convert...
But just in case you're wondering
if it is worth the extra effort,

it really truly is.

And I thought that was worth passing along to you!

Lucky Dog

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