Friday, February 26, 2016

Dog Pix

Here are some photos of our sweet dog today.

This is how he naps and waits for me
while I'm getting ready.

And here he is,
ready to come down from the studio
and go back to the house.

I keep a stuffed toy in the studio for him,
and he always wants to bring it back with him.

And lastly,

(I hoped 3 photos weren't too many!)

these are the eyes I see when I have food
and someone wants me to share.


Lucky Dog


  1. No, you didn't share too many pictures. I love seeing dog/animal pictures. Your dog is adorable, and I'm in love with him. Please share more as you are able. You are very blessed to have him...Linda E.

    1. Thanks, Linda! We love him, too. He is as sweet as he looks. :)