Monday, October 5, 2015

Happy October!

It's finally Fall!

The weather has cooled down…  Summer is gone and
Autumn is slowly creeping into place.

October is one of my very most favorite months, probably because the coolness is always so welcome after such hot summers.

Today was 64 degrees, 
and I planted some pansies in our mailbox planters.

I really enjoy working outside in the flowerbeds, just not when it’s so hot.  If only it could be in the 60’s more often!  Unfortunately it seems like I have to cram all my weeding, deadheading and garden stuff into October and April every year.  I would enjoy being outside all summer if it could’ve felt like it did today!

I also enjoy the instant gratification of yard/garden work.  And being the type who likes things neat and tidy, I really like getting back outside (after looking at the chaos all summer) and finally getting to put things back in order.

The prep was the hardest part, because the volunteer (read: weedy) trumpet vine has really taken over this year.  I heard that this year’s weather was perfect for vines to go crazy, so I guess I am not alone dealing with this aggressive volunteer.

Don’t get me wrong, in the right location, I love trumpet vines.  We had some at our previous house, and it was dense and lush up against a fence and it bloomed all summer long.  It was gorgeous.

Unfortunately at our current home, it's in a shady flowerbed, so there are no pretty orange blooms.  Only vines and greenery.  (which I am usually thankful for, but they really took over this year, along with the Virginia Creeper!)

Anyway, to close, and hopefully to bring a smile to your face, here is a photo of some turkeys that visited us last week!  They are always so awkwardly funny and fun to watch.

Happy October!

Lucky Dog

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