Wednesday, September 23, 2015

An Experiment with Essential Oils

This gal has a Ph.D. in biochemistry
decided to test how effective essential oils were against germs.

She doesn't sell oils.
She isn't affiliated with any company.
She doesn't even use essential oils.

It's a bit of a read,
so feel free to skim...

But the bottom line is:
yes, they actually work!

And she even tested 5 different brands:

one of which is the popular
Young Living's "Thieves"

and another is the very affordable brand
Plant Therapy, and its "Germ Fighter" blend.

I'm thrilled to find such a scientific study
using essential oils.

(I love unbiased opinions!)

Just thought I'd pass it along!
Happy Fall!

Lucky Dog

p.s.  I may have to put some 3% hydrogen peroxide
in a spray bottle and use it for cleaning after reading all this!


  1. I've been using essential oils since June. I use the Young Living brand. They have a Thieves concentrated cleaner which I mix with vinegar. Addicted to Thieves. Smells like Christmas