Wednesday, April 29, 2015

New Favorite Product: SmartyKat

Our little male cat loves to play. 

Loves to.

As in, he looks straight at my husband and meows until he gives in and gets out a toy to play with him.

To give Mr. Man a break, we got one of these SmartyKat Hot Pursuit toys from Amazon.  I think they’re at Super Walmart, too.  Same price.

And both cats love it!

So much so, that I took the advice of one Amazon reviewer, who said she got two toys, placed them apart, and enjoys watching her cat go back and forth between the two of them.

Great idea!

It’s rare that a cat actually plays with what you bought him, so we’re pretty happy.  And if they get tired of it, there’s always the box it came in.  J!

Lucky Dog

p.s.  I don’t think the feather wand is going to last very long…!

p.p.s.  They're lilac, like on the box cover, not blue.

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